Download Opera Web Browser v 40.0.2308.81 Stable Gratis

Download Opera Web Browser v 40.0.2308.81 Stable Gratis

Opera Web Browser v 40.0.2308.81 Stable adalah salah satu browser yang tentu saja sudah sangat dikenal oleh banyak orang di dunia.
Setiap orang tentu saja memiliki browser andalan masing-masing yang tentu salah satunya adalah Opera Web Browser, oleh karena itu bagi yang sering menggunakan Opera Web Browser dan ingin mendownload versi terbarunya, silahkan download Opera Web Browser v 40.0.2308.81 Stable Gratis dan menginstallnya di laptop atau komputer yang digunakan.
Opera Web Browser v 40.0.2308.81 Stable Gratis memiliki tampilan yang akan sangat mudah dipahami sehingga tidak akan kesusahan menggunakannya bahkan untuk yang pertama kali menggunakannya sekalipun tidak akan mengalaimi kesulitan menggunakannya.
Anda bisa menginstall Opera Web Browser v 40.0.2308.81 Stable pada windows baik itu versi 32 bit maupun 64 bit. Adapaun tampilan dari Opera Web Browser bisa anda lihat pada screenshot yang ada dibawah ini

Screenshot :
Opera Web Browser Latest

Features of Opera Web Browser :

  • Find something unexpected: The Discover feature gives you top-quality news and entertainment from around the globe. Enjoy new content from a variety of categories and read articles from your region, in your language.
  • Browse with style: Opera's interface combines precision and quality. Integrating modern style with powerful features, Opera gives you the freedom to truly open the web and explore.
  • Search and navigate easily: Opera has one intuitive, powerful location for searching and navigating the web. Search using multiple providers and view site suggestions as you type.
  • Speed up on slow networks: Off-Road mode compresses pages for faster, all-conditions browsing. It helps you stay online when your connection slows down.
  • Organize your favorites: An enhanced Speed Dial groups your top-visited sites directly on a custom start page. Quickly search and access your favorite content with refined searching and grouping options.
  • Keep what you find: Found something you'll want to come back to? The Stash feature captures a page with one easy click and organizes your pages into a simple, sophisticated list. Scan your Stash in a resizable page preview or search what you've saved, by keywords.

New in Opera Web Browser :

  • DNA-56242 Whitelist some AV software certificates
  • DNA-56546 Backspace in URL field navigates back in history
  • DNA-56559 Opera 39 fails to import firefox bookmarks.
  • DNA-56676 Broken tab bar and crash on dragging a tab while it loads
Link Download :
Password (if need) :  | Status : Tested (Windows 8.1)

Download Opera Web Browser v 40.0.2308.81 Stable Gratis

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